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City Trip

the year 5 hubs went to

-Te Puna O Waiwhetu
(The Christchurch Art Gallery.)

-The Canterbury Museum
-And we went on a city walk.

So what?
I enjoyed the Art Gallery because we got to look, and learn about all the pictures and Art, One of my favorite parts of going to the Christchurch Art Gallery was completing the booklet we had been given, and looking at the witch dance. The witch dance was were their was metal sticks with metal ball's on the top, they were in a circle and one was in the middle, the middle one was the tallest, they wobbled and made loud banging noises.It was cool to watch because I had never seen it before. I really enjoyed the city walk because I got to see lots of lakes, tall buildings and shops that were on the side of the road.
My highlight of the city walk was finding the questions or the pictures on the booklet and writing them down. And the Canterbury Art Museum was amazing! We got to use things that our ancestor's used when they first arrived on Ao…

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